Rome Ar War Help

Rome At War is a turn based strategy game inspired by the board game risk but with advanced features. The game is loosely set during the Roman crisis of the third centure. The roman empire has two Caesars and two Augustuses that fighting each other to be the only emperors of Rome.

As a user you have to choose one of the four Roman leaders that you will control. Every leader can recruit the same units as the others but starts with the controlling of different areas of the empire and the goal is to takeover all of the Roman provinces. In every turn you earn 5 gold  coins from each of the regions you control. You gain 10 extra gold coins with every battle that you win during the game. You can use the gold to recruit new units and empower your forces. The units that you buy will be available at the end of the turn so it is wise to spend your money after that you have decided that you will not do any more attacks and you know the regions that needs the reinforcements the most.

User Interface
As a user on the top you can see the name of your leader and the gold that you have. The zoom in and zoom out buttons to and the icon with the temple is the game menu buttons. Press it if you want to save, load or exit the game. You can have only one save slot so every time you save you lose the previous saved data.

on top of every region there is a flag to recondite who is the owner of the region. On top of it there is a number that specifies the power of the soldiers that exists in this region. The power does not calculate the poer of the units that will be available in the next round. By pressing on a region you select the place when you want to put some new units or to make a new movement or attack.

the white region is the region that is selected, blue is the regions where you can transfer units and pink is the regions where you can attack. Every time you select a region at the bottom left corner of the screen the recruis button is shown. If you press that buttons you can buy some new units.

The "Cost" column show how much gold you will spend to recruit that unit, the "Num" column show the number of units you already have. You recruit new units but pressing the plus button.
If you press a blue region then you will see the screen where you can transfer armies.

The numbers shows the army size of each unit type that exists in the two regions. If a unit can be transferred from the initial region to the target area then a right arrow will be shown and if a unit can be transferred from the target region to the first then a left arrow will be shown. Every time you press an arrow one unit transfers. Every unit can make only one move per turn so you can transfer the units back and forth. So it is possible to have some units on either of the sides but you will cants move the. Another important thing is that every unit that you transfer will be available for combat after the end of the turn like the recruited units. So leave the transfers after you have made all the attacks that you wanted and do not afraid if you see that a city that you have transfer units has 0 man power.  The units will be available when you end your turn.

If you press on a pink region you initiate an attack. The same happens any time an opponent attack on a region of yours. During an attack you must choose up to 9 units to put in the battle. and then press the fight button that exists on the left bottom corner. The fight will be solved automatically and after that you will see the units that will be stand alive for the next round. If all of the enemy forces are dead and there are no other units to pu into the battlefield the fighting is over and if you were the attacker you gane te control of the region. During the fight all the units that you have that can attack will attack randomly to units that it is possible. If a unit has a range weapon or has a melee but has no friendly unit in front of it then this unit can make an attack. Units can attack only to units that has not other units in front of them. For example in the above image the archer that  exists behind the legionair can take an attack only if the  leggionaire.die. When a unit attacks to another throws dices. The number of the dices depends on the "attack" attribute of the unit. The defender throws dices too, based on the "defend" attribute. The game compares the greater number of the results of the attacker and the defender. If the attacker had  a greater number then it kills the defender. The attacker can retreat anytime he wants from the battle.

When you think that you have made all the decisions that you want and you can go to the next round press the hourglass button

The game ends when you conquer all of the regions or you control none

The available units of "Rome At War" are:


a melee unit with attack 2 and defense 2

a range unit with attack 2 and defense 1


a range unit with attack 3 and defense 2


a range unit with attack 4 and defense 2


a melee unit with attack 3 and defense 3


melee unit with attack 3 and defense 4. If a general exists on the battlefield then all the army gains one extra dice of attack and defence.